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Law Office of Mark W. Good



The Law Office of Mark W. Good believes that clients come first.  Small Town Service with a Big City Background.  If you need a Real Estate Attorney or Intellectual Property Attorney, and you want personalized professional services, you have come to the right place.


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"I have known Mark Good for most of the time he has been in law practice, starting with when I hired him as an associate in my Monterey law firm many years ago, where he handled various IP law issues and real estate disputes and related matters. He is an unusually patient lawyer to whom I sent some of my most difficult clients. When I went into semi-retirement in early 2003, he went with a firm in San Jose and now has his own successful Gilroy office. Since then I have referred dozens of TM and Copyright clients to Mark, and I have personally consulted with him as my best TM law resource in some extremely complex cases. When you have doubts about your own understanding of the IP laws, especially TM matters, ask Mark for the definitive answer. If he does not know the answer, he will admit it, and then find it for you. He is also very conscious of the cost of legal fees and bills all his cases on a very reasonable scale. In short, Mark is an excellent IP lawyer well deserving his 5-Star Excellent rating."

Gervaise D.

"I I consulted Mark on a neighborhood real estate dispute. After a thorough discussion of the law, facts, and practical considerations, Mark suggested a nonlitigation approach. This turned out to be excellent advice. The matter was resolved in a manner which left the parties relatively amicable and which was much cheaper and faster than a trip to the courts. As a disclaimer, I was of-counsel to Terra Law for some years. I chose to consult Mark from the many attorneys I know because of my respect for his legal skills and judgment I saw while at the firm."

Ron R.

I came to Mark Good out of desperation and frustration. Mark not only gave me peace of mind, but he also resolved my case to
the best possible scenario.  Over the years I've enlisted Mark on several occasions and have found him to be the opposite of
what is the common perception of lawyers.  Mark has gone the extra mile for me, is extremely professional and maintains a calm presence with a dash of wit when needed.  I would recommend Mark to anyone who is searching for a lawyer that is ethical beyond
a doubt.  Mark also gives back to his community as he is currently the president of our local school board. Mark is a real person,
not your stereotypical lawyer!

Dean R.

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